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Ban On Meat Packer Ownership: Too Little, Too Late

By Mike Callicrate Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, a longtime advocate for fair markets, is once again reintroducing a bill that would make it unlawful for meat packers to own livestock more than seven days prior to slaughter. Similar legislation has … Continue reading

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America Returns to the Jungle

A safe and secure food supply is essential to a free society The United States was always able to feed itself. Except for a few non-essentials like coffee, tea and bananas, we were self-sufficient. The British government, along with their … Continue reading

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Colorado businessman plans to open meat processing plant, butcher school

A Colorado Springs, Colo., business owner is looking to buy a former warehouse in that town and convert it into a meat processing plant, according to a report by the Colorado Springs Gazette. Mike Callicrate, owner of meatpacker and retail … Continue reading

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It’s Still Called Stealing

By Mike Callicrate Grade and yield buying used to be called “Grade and Steal” by most cattlemen. Today, it’s called Value-Based Marketing by the big packers and their cheerleaders, like Certified Angus Beef’s (CAB) Miranda Reiman. In her March 4th … Continue reading

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Mike Callicrate featured in “Foodopoly” by Wenonah Hauter

Foodopoly: The Battle Over the Future of Food and Farming in America Wenonah Hauter grew up on a family farm that her husband runs today as a Community Supported Agriculture Project (CSA), which is part of the growing local food … Continue reading

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