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NAFTA – Either Reform or Discard

By Gilles Stockton | 9/11/2017 The discussion over the future of NAFTA is heating up. The commodity organizations deny any problems in the existing agreement and demand no changes, a position no doubt dictated to them by the global Big … Continue reading

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R-Calf 2017 Conference

How could Congress in good conscious repeal country of origin labeling for beef and pork, allowing the dumping of unlabeled cheap foreign meat into our U.S. market? To download the R-Calf USA 2017 Conference presentation, click here.

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America Returns to the Jungle

A safe and secure food supply is essential to a free society The United States was always able to feed itself. Except for a few non-essentials like coffee, tea and bananas, we were self-sufficient. The British government, along with their … Continue reading

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Like GM, Food Companies Place Profits Over Safety and Security

Our nation’s food system is at risk! By Mike Callicrate Putting people at risk to save a buck isn’t isolated to the automotive industry. In today’s global economy, where the biggest cheater wins, foreign imports of beef and the recent … Continue reading

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Some things don’t change – Money, power and greed lead to corruption

By Mike Callicrate Some things don’t change – In 1918 the Federal Trade Commission reported packers were “manipulating markets, restricting flow of foods, controlling the price of dressed meat, defrauding producers and consumers of food, and crushing competition.” Five packers … Continue reading

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