Recommended Reading

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   The End Of The World Is Just The Beginning, By Peter Zeihan

   The Sacred Cow, Diana Rodgers

   Raw Deal, By Chloe Sorvino

   Wastelands, By Corban Addison

   The Monsanto Papers, By Carey Gillam

   The Lords Of Easy Money, By Christopher Leonard

   Inflamed, By Raj Patel

   Monopolies Suck, By Sally Hubbard

By Barry Lynn


By Zephyr Teachout













The Great Reversal: How America Gave Up on Free Markets










By Matt Stoller



By Sarah Smarsh
By Albert Bates & Kathleen Draper







By Nancy MacLean



By Michael Lewis



By Camas Davis





By Paolo Bacigalupi




By David R. Montgomery

























By John Thackara





By Rebecca Costa











By Darren J. Doherty & Andrew Jeeves





By Liz Carlisle





By Nicolette Hahn Niman





By Simon Fairlie







by Julene Bair





by Ima Srsac












by Michael Pollan










































by Weston A. Price








by Barbara Wertheim Tuchman














by Thomas Frank


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  1. Zellie says:

    I would add this book to your list: “Seeds of Destruction”, The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation…by F. William Engdahl. You are a by-product of the takeover…you are just next in line…so you have to get up to speed in order to withstand what is coming at you….it has taken out the small agricultural farmers, including fruits, vegetables, and even flowers, now it is after the meat producers…it is already attacking raw milk and making organics a living hell….

    Yes, amazing that our own government is turning against our own country’s SUSTAINABILITY and ABILITY TO RAISE HEALTHY WHOLESOME FOODS….!!!

    Why is our government at war with our small food producers?

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