Building Connections between Producers and Eaters

A presentation at Rocky Mountains Farmer Union in association with The Humane Society of the United States at the Meeting of the Markets Summit on October 15th 2012.

00:55 How important is a Farmer?
03:10 Changing the way we eat can change the way food is produced
03:55 What happened to family farms?
06:25 Where does the money go?
08:09 Big Food – A Dark Place.
09:30 Big Food – They operate above the law
10:30 “Drones of the National Beehive” – Vincent C Vickers
11:50 More Wealth Creation
12:30 What is an animal worth?
16:30 How to increase farm and ranch income?
17:15 Cowpool, what a cool idea – sell direct
17:40 Yield to Producer, Cost to Consumer
20:30 Mobile Meat Processing
23:20 Inside Ranch Foods Direct
24:45 Economic Development vs. Community Development
26:55 Big companies swallowing up school lunch money?
27:59 Putting the family farm face on industrial agribusiness
29:05 Cargill, Safeway Go Locavore in Colorado
30:09 Tyson launches unique new audit program for on-farm animal treatment
30:30 Fast Food Alley, Want Real Meat?
31:15 Colorado Springs Public Market

“What you support prospers, what you feed grows” – Mike Callicrate

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The Humane Society of the United States has teamed up with Colorado farmers, in an attempt to restore family values, as well as humane treatment of animals, in modern agriculture.

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