LIBERTY FROM ALL MASTERS: The New American Autocracy vs. The Will of the People

Monopolies control everything from what we grow and eat, to how and when we travel, to what we read. Wealth and power have never been more concentrated or a greater threat to our society.

Years ago, when I first met Barry, he explained how the Revolutionary War, which led to our founding, was a fight against monopoly power. Once again, in Liberty From ALL Masters, Barry sounds the alarm, this time even louder, while reminding us that it wasn’t always this way and that we have the tools right now to restore our freedom and liberty – all our freedoms and all our liberty, to all of us!

“No one else will fix this for you. American democracy is not a gift of big men in thrones of power. American democracy is not something handed to us by Jefferson or Douglass or Lincoln or Anthony or Brandeis or Du Bois or Roosevelt. American democracy is made by the people imposing their will—and their own systems of control—on “big” men.

It’s time to accept what we have lost. Our lives will never go back to normal. We have nowhere to retreat. Radical change, radical threat, is upon us.

Do nothing and our world ends. Do nothing and the songs of the temple shall all be howlings. Do nothing and our children and our children’s children shall perish in fire.

We have but one way forward.”

For much more on restoring our freedoms, our liberty, and our democracy go to Open Markets Institute.

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