America Needs a New Government and a New Food System

“Our old idea of government was that of the policeman whose job it was to keep the peace, leaving the individual free to do almost anything he might wish to do.” Well, it didn’t work!

“This idea of government at last brought us face to face with the dustbowls, eroded hillsides, denuded forest areas, mined the earth of mineral wealth, wasted and destroyed our soil fertility and permitted the strong and powerful to become more powerful, and the weak to become weaker.”

And now today in 2020, we are left with a no-rules corporate-controlled government, the loss of the majority of our farmers and ranchers, along with the rural communities they support. We are now nearly fully dependent on foreign corporations for the most important necessity of life – our food. How could this have happened?

If we’re going to invest trillions of dollars into our economy, a large part of it better go to rebuilding our ability to feed ourselves healthy food from people who know how to practice good land stewardship and animal husbandry – not the failed land-grant/corporate industrial global supply chain.

Thanks to NFU historian, Tom Giessel, for the 1938 article.

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