Considering Local vs. Global and National Supply Chains

What kind of food system serves people best? Local or Global?

Worried shoppers from all across the country left shelves bare at grocery stores last week. Volume was up two and a half times a normal week at Ranch Foods Direct. Our great staff met the challenge. The Big-Box stores didn’t.

Our local/regional supply chain is just under 200 miles long, from Callicrate Cattle Co. at St. Francis, Kansas to our cut plant and retail stores in Colorado Springs. The predatory big meatpackers and big retailers sourcing from highly vulnerable and dangerous supply chains for the cheapest of everything from around the globe will leave farmers and ranchers bankrupt and consumers hungry.

What we support prospers, what we feed grows!

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One Response to Considering Local vs. Global and National Supply Chains

  1. Cynthia Zwick says:

    I know of your company in St. Francis. My Daughter and family live there.
    Do you ship to different states? I live in Oregon.
    Thank you for all you and your company are doing.
    Cynthia Zwick

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