I have been asked why I joined the The HSUS Agriculture Council for Colorado … 95% of HSUS Supporters eat meat. They’re concerned about where their meat comes from.

They know that family farmers and ranchers who are on the land taking care of the livestock are the best stewards, the best care takers and can produce the best food they want to eat.

And, they just know that if they do not support those family farmers and ranchers they are not going to be there.

About the Colorado Agriculture Council of HSUS

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has announced the formation of a new advisory body in Colorado.

It’s called the The HSUS Agriculture Council for Colorado.

According to an HSUS news release, the council will work to pursue market opportunities for farmers and ranchers whose agricultural practices adhere to the group’s animal welfare standards. Leaders of the new group include Yuma veterinarian and cattleman Tom Parks and Mike Callicrate, a livestock producer and owner of Ranch Foods Direct retail center in Colorado Springs.

In 2008, Colorado’s legislature passed a measure to phase out the use of gestation crates for breeding sows and veal crates for the male offspring of dairy cows.

In 2011, HSUS organized a similar agriculture council in Nebraska in partnership with the Nebraska Farmers Union.

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    by Kerry Halladay, Associate Editor | Western Livestock Journal


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