The Masters of the Food Universe are Happy to See Us Starve.

The names may have changed over the years, but psychopathic business leaders continue to consolidate power around the world’s food supply and means of production.

Will Harris with White Oak Pastures hits the mark on why people like Bill Gates should not be allowed landlord status.

“These technologies have made it possible for a small number of multinational corporations to have control over the entire planet’s food supply. Further, the centralization of food production impoverishes our rural communities …” – Will Harris

The elimination of small farms has been deeply ingrained in policy for decades, led by The Committee for Economic Development. Many of the biggest corporations in the country organized the effort and legislated agriculture policy to move “excess” labor from the farm to the city to provide cheaper labor for manufacturing and industrial growth. Women were also moved into the workforce.

Secretary Earl Butz, under Nixon, implemented the Committee’s policy of “Get big or get out.” Reagan removed even more anti-trust barriers, allowing today’s full blown food monopoly and loss of food security for people around the globe.

Excerpt from the The Committee for Economic Development report:

“We regard direct help to farm people in finding better opportunities in the nonfarm labor force as necessary and desirable, because we believe that a small fraction of the funds now spent on agricultural subsidies would, if spent in ways that tended positively to induce the needed movement of human resources out of farming, result in higher national income and lower national outlays on subsidies.”

“4. As we emphasized in the early portions of this statement, it is the very heart of the farm problem that a massive adjustment needs to be made in the human resources now committed to agricultural production. Small adjustments in the farm labor force will not suffice.

“What we have in mind in our program is a reduction of the farm labor force on the order of one third in a period of not more than five-years.

This, we think, would be large enough and fast enough to offset the effects on farm output of new technology and investment. It would thereby contribute to the basic goal of a net reduction of the resources — human and other — now employed in farming.”

Why our Founding Fathers feared powerful landlords and believed farmers should own their land:

The Irish Land War was an organized campaign of civil unrest in Ireland that lasted from the 1870s until the 1890s.

 Rigged markets and concentrated power continue to force farmers and ranchers to sell their land to the new landlords.

Are we really hoping Bill Gates will feed us?

The Committee for Economic Development carefully planned the farm policy that’s left us with a global food cartel, bankrupted farm and ranch families, and many starving people.The complete report that’s led to the current food system debacle follows:

CED An Adaptive Program for Agriculture
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  1. Scott K says:

    So what can be done about all this?

  2. Liam Hedger says:

    Thanks for the great output. I urge you to just keep on keeping on!

  3. Bill Hedger says:

    Urging you to keep on hammering on them!

  4. Bill Hedger says:

    Keep hammering on them

  5. Bill Hedger says:

    keep on hammering on them

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pray that Bill Gates receives Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Bill Gates is very disturbing and being someone that hung out with a known pedophile he should have absolutely no say in how food infrastructures are run. He should be made to eat his own pink slime fake meat and leave the rest of the world alone. Jesus can help Bill Gates, if he is receptive.

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