Upton Sinclair On the Supreme Court

“I see by the papers,” as Mr. Dooley used to say, that the Supreme Court has wiped out the farm program…”

Upton Sinclair, the author of the Jungle 1906, hated concentrated power.

From the Farmers Union Herald, St. Paul, MN, 1936 – Thanks to Tom Giessel, Larned, Kansas for the article.

Two more recent cases concerning agriculture:

In 2006, Chief Justice John Roberts and his high court colleagues gave Tyson and the other big meatpackers the green light to plunder and pillage cattle country and its citizens: Supreme Court Denies Pickett Appeal

In 2011, Justice Clarence Thomas lends Monsanto a hand: Justice For all? Not in This Court

Clarence Thomas is the Supreme Court Justice, formerly employed by Monsanto, who wrote the court’s opinion approving the patenting of life. Thomas also thought the Anna Nicole Smith family feud case was more important than hearing the cattlemen’s case for fair markets and later denied the A.T. Terry case a hearing. He also agrees that corporations should be able to contribute any amount of money to political campaigns. Somewhere, perhaps it was at one of the Koch brothers judicial retreats, Thomas forgot the American concept of “justice for all”.

Ag Secretary Perdue Completes America’s Return to the Jungle

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