How Much are the Meatpackers Stealing?

A few multinational corporations are doing very well extracting our precious resources, degrading our environment, and exploiting our hardest working people.

Dr. John Helmuth, a former House Ag Committee economist under Chairman Neal Smith, said about the actions of the highly concentrated big meatpackers, “There’s an economic term to describe this phenomenon: It’s called stealing.”

How much are the Batista Brothers (JBS), Tyson, and Cargill gangsters stealing?


What if cattle producers could sell directly to consumers?

Building new processing infrastructure that creates direct connections between food producers and consumers – putting people and livestock back on the land – should be an immediate national security priority. Restoring a just income to independent family farmers, ranchers, and food workers will provide increased national food security, improve efficiency, greatly improve food quality, human health, environmental and soil health, and animal welfare.  Building Food Security and Resilience in a Food Insecure World


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  1. Jeff Kemp says:

    Thats it!! You nailed the solution!! New processing infrastructure! Now let’s get it done. Jeffrey Kemp. Kansas

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