Trump’s USDA Continues to Betray it’s Fundamental Mission

Trump and Perdue throw our farmers and ranchers to the wolves of corporate agribusiness – Threatening America’s food supply!

Perhaps USDA should declare it’s true mission: The Husbandman That Laboreth Must be a Corporate Serf and Not Partaketh of the Fruits.

The current USDA headquarters was finished in 1868 with Saint Paul’s Husbandman quote cut in stone above the main entrance. For at least the last fifty years the message and mission have been ignored as USDA career people and appointees pass through the one-hundred and fifty-two-year-old portico.

Thanks to the highly concentrated, no-rules, predatory marketplace, we’ve lost over 95% of our hog farmers, 90% of our dairy farmers, 85% of our cattle feeders, and over 40% of our ranchers, with more disappearing every day.

Meanwhile, adding insult to injury, Trump and Perdue are now opening our borders to more imported beef from Foot and Mouth Disease infected Brazil and Namibia, Africa, costing already devastated U.S. cattle producers billions. If we become Hoof and Mouth infected, it will cost U.S. cattlemen many tens of billions of dollars, and cause skyrocketing prices for consumers.

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  1. Judith Rice-Jones says:

    Wow! And in Colorado, we are allowing Tyson, Monsanto, and Archer Daniels Midland to take over our iconic National Western site in Denver! How do we fight back and preserve our health, our ranchers/farmers and our historic Colorado institutions?

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