The Neutral, 1931

courtesy of Tom Giessel

Cattle grazing near St. Francis, Kansas

The Neutral

In talking with a man the other day,
About the perils in the farmers’ way,
Although he claims to know the farmers’ plight,
He said, “I’m neutral; I don’t like a fight.

A neutral is a man controlled by fear;
Is one who holds his own wellbeing dear;
Who dares not take a stand, bold, unafraid,
Because his courage can not make the grade

A man with guts will always make a choice;
And, right or wrong in choosing, will rejoice
In fighting for the things he thinks are right;
Nor heeds his bitter foe’s imposing might

A real He-Man will meet the stinging blow,
Launched at him by angry, spiteful foe,
And take it standing, ‘though he may be licked,
Instead of humbly waiting to be kicked

The foe may be a privileged wealth’s phalanx;
May be a smooth-tongued traitor in our ranks;
But all the fiends from hell will not alarm
The men who dare to fight for home and farm

The time is here when men who lead the way
To bring about a brighter, better day
For Agriculture, must stand up four square,
And face the opposition’s brazen glare

-A. M. Kinney

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