Farmers Should Not be Bamboozled, 1897

—courtesy of Tom Giessel

The farmers should not be bamboozled into the idea that a better farm education, diversity of crops or experiments in agriculture are to be of much benefit. Let farmers take the robber economic system of this country by the throat and strangle it and they will find that they are already producing enough wealth to forever do away with poverty. Farmers’ institutes which ignore such questions are encouraged by the rich to distract attention for great reforms. The president of our own county institute, in his opening address, discouraged farmers from going into politics. Yet everybody knows the speaker is one of the worst dabblers in politics in the county. While his solemn face gave seriousness to the remark, he must have chuckled within himself when he knew he had marked the expression to be printed in italics by the republican papers. The Banner differs. We advise every farmer to go into politics. Wade in knee deep. –Harvey County Banner

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