“Let me talk about that Sodexo thing”

Mike Callicrate in a recent discussion regarding Sodexo at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Screening of American Meat, a pro-farmer documentary about chicken, cattle & hog production in America on Monday, February 25, 2013.

01:28 “I would think at an institution of higher learning we would be smarter than to hire Sodexo, you’ve got to get em’ out … we did it at Colorado College.” – Mike Callicrate

02:30 “If you start a petition to change something here you may not see the fruition of that petition that you started but it will change things down the line.” – Graham Merwiether

Next Screening of American Meat will be at Colorado College on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 06:00 PM, click here for details.

True Story. I will only add that we have turned ALL the savings back into the D11 Food & Nutrition Services program in the form of better quality food for our students and improved wages for our employees. We are not sitting on a half-million dollars annually. We still scrape for every penny and work very, very hard to break-even each year. We are serving more meals and better quality food than before we parted ways with Sodexo. AND last year we put $750,000 back into the local economy through our purchases of locally grown food. ~ Rick Hughes, Director of Food & Nutrition Services

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