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Following Email Notification sent to Student Body Staff and Families on 03/15/2012

Poster featuring Callicrate Beef, distributed by Ranch Foods Direct, in D 11 School Cafeterias

A lot has been in the news lately about the quality of beef utilized in schools.

District 11 has taken huge strides during the last 4-5 years to improve the quality of all foods served in our D11 meal programs. District 11 “exclusively” utilizes beef from local company, Ranch Foods Direct.

Beef from Ranch Foods Direct is 100% beef from cattle raised on a diet of both grass and grain without growth hormones or antibiotics. This “all-natural,” high-quality local product is indicative of our commitment to high quality foods for the students and staff of Colorado Springs School District 11. Our D11 Good Food Project has high standards that are challenging to meet with the low price of school meals, however we believe that quality food is another key to quality education.

District 11 began partnering with Ranch Foods Direct in 2006. Since 2010, we have purchased ALL ground beef from this high quality, local company. This includes the outstanding beef patties used in hamburgers and cheeseburgers served in D11, while it also includes all ground beef used in dishes such as meatloaf, spaghetti, tacos, etc.

Additionally, District 11 purchases all-natural roasted chicken for the wonderful chicken dishes which are served in our meal programs.

In our journey to provide high quality foods at an affordable price, we continually “scrub” our budget to find new ways to make ends meet and manage the budget in a financially responsible manner.

No “Mystery Meat” or “Pink Slime” or “Ammonia Treated Meat” is ever utilized in District 11 meal programs.

Please contact us at (719) 520-2924 if you have further questions or concerns about food quality in the D11 meal programs. We want to hear from you.

Callicrate Beef is proudly served in:

Poster featuring Callicrate Beef, distributed by Ranch Foods Direct, in St. Mary’s High School Cafeterias
  • Aurora Public Schools
  • Boulder Valley School District
  • Colorado Springs Public Schools D-11
  • Denver Public Schools
  • Durango Public Schools
  • Falcon School D 49
  • Manitou Springs School District
  • St. Mary’s High School – Colorado Springs
Boulder Valley School District Proudly Serves Callicrate Beef

In the News: Real Meat, Callicrate Beef distributed by Ranch Foods Direct 

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The USDA is going to offer schools the option of serving beef patties with “pink slime” or without.
by AP, KKTV 11

BVSD, CU-Boulder say finding beef without ‘pink slime’ is not easy
Schools committed to being slime-free
by Breanna Draxler, Boulder Daily Camera

Is “pink slime” being served to your child?
by Sade Mally, FOX21

Need Real Meat in Your School?
Please contact Ranch Foods Direct at (719) 473-2306 or email us today!

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