Thanks to Obama, cattlemen lose out

Article in Stephanie Paige Ogburn writes about Obama’s fear of big meat packers.

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  1. tom Cliff says:

    B Banks
    I Insurance Companies
    G Government

    They rotate the cash thru their pockets , add interest and fees, cause inflation, stagnation and depression to recover the sweat equity of those that actually work.

    Basically this is what Thomas Jefferson warned of in 1804.

    The control of the Money supply was taken away from those that needed to use the money to exchange goods and services and given to private banks, insurance companies and non productive governments that allow the banks to enslave the citizens.

    Remember the Fereral Reserve is a group of private banks not the Governmant agency most think FEDERAL Means.

    Come on What is the acronym FEDERAL Stand For?
    F ree
    E Nnterprise
    D estroying
    E nities
    R uining
    A mericans
    L ivlihoods

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