Commonsense Coalition Talk Radio – December 9, 2011 – Occupy The Food System

Friday • December  9, 2011
Commonsense Coalition Talk Radio Presents
Mike Callicrate • Occupy Wall Street “Occupy The Food System”

Beth: “We are visiting today with Mike Callicrate and were talking about the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and we are going to call it ‘Occupy Food’ as Mike went up there to talk about the food in this country and how we can get a better and fair market for our farmer’s and ranchers.  And, you feel that it went really well and you’re painting a different picture that that we have been shown so far… I mean we have been told that folks up there don’t know squat, they’re just up there to get out of class, they don’t hold jobs and they don’t know what they are saying or doing…”

Mike: “Well Beth, that is how they been portrayed and it is simply untrue… of course, that is the case, and there are the radicals … but is it also not the case in the cattle business? Is it also not the case in the National Cattleman’s Beef Association … radical ideas in ideology and thinking going on? I mean who would be so radical as to think that we are going to put anhydrous ammonia in our hamburger? Who would be so radical as to support an idea that a foreign nation would come here as one of our big four meat packers and extract wealth from this country putting family farmers and ranchers off the land, and who would even imagine that somebody could support four meat packers controlling 85% of the market? And, what kinda of a radical would think that we need to send  e.coli tainted meat down to Advanced Foods in Oklahoma to be cooked for the school lunch program? I mean you talk about Occupy Wall Street? These are some mighty smart motivated people that are saying ‘I want to be a citizen again, I want to build this country, I want to be part of the solution’…”

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