Rep Frank Lucas – Who can you trust on the GIPSA rules?

“I, along with many, if not most lifelong cattle producers, certainly have a different perspective on the proposed GIPSA rule (the proposed competition rule by the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyard Administration) then that of the Chairman of the U.S. House Agriculture Committee, Frank Lucas (R-OK). 

“The main purpose of the proposed GIPSA rule is to restore competition and transparency to livestock markets.  The Packers and Stockyard Act of 1921 (PSA), which was intended to preserve competition and require transparency, has not been properly enforced for the past nine decades. 

“So, why are the meatpackers and the producer groups that have meatpackers entrenched on their boards of directors against the proposed rule…?” 

See following PDF for Larry Queen’s message to Representative Lucas:

GIPSA – Larry Queen 7-14-11 (3)

Why Farm Aid Likes the GIPSA Rules

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