The British Monarchy’s decision to serve exclusively organic food to the 1900 guests at the Royal Wedding is a clear signal that industrial agriculture has lost the hearts and confidence of consumers globally.

And as usual Big & Ugly is calling on family, farmers and ranchers to come ride to their rescue. Don’t do it!!!         

Corporate apologists from Kevin Murphy of Food-Chain Communications LLC to Greg Henderson of Drovers journal are begging, no demanding, that family operations take the forefront in defending all agriculture, family farm and Big Ugly alike. Don’t do it!!!         

Do we hire illegals to do our work, do we use chicks for batting practice, do we pitchfork and beat on downer cows to get them up?? No, that’s hell no; so why defend those big ugly operations that do?         

Get on your computer, take out pen and paper, and clearly point out the difference between your family operations and Big Ugly.         

Animal abuse, stuffing hens in tiny crates, contaminating streams, e.coli contaminations and illegal drugs are all hallmarkers of Big Ugly and we need to draw a line in the media and clearly show the consuming public and politicians the stark difference between family farming and Big Ugly. Don’t be tricked into defending those entities that are destroying our way of life. 


Stephen Anderson
27610 Poor Farm Road
Alma, Kansas   66401

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