Food Inc: This film is a gift to humanity

This film is a gift to humanity 

I had the pleasure of viewing this film this week at a screening in Denver. 

Eating food should nourish our bodies, give us strength and keep us healthy.  The process of growing food should enrich the earth as well as provide for the farmers, ranchers and their communities. 

Instead, we now have a Wall Street based, profit at all costs, industrial food system that is producing and selling food that makes us sick. The demand for excessive profit requires the mining of our land, the over processing and refining of our food and the exploitation and abuse of people and animals. 

A better farming and food system is possible. We can choose to buy from farmers and ranchers in our communities and regions. We can choose to eat better and regain our health. I believe Food Inc. will awaken and motivate us like never before.

 What we feed grows, what we support prospers. Your fork is a powerful thing! 

Mike Callicrate

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