Richard Oswald brings a parable of community, leadership, and property

Richard Oswald brings a parable of community, leadership, and property.

By Richard Oswald

Once upon a time, a long time ago in a wild and unsettled land, a sprout grew where nothing like it had ever grown before. People took notice of the tiny shoot. It had great beauty, and they saw that it held a wonderful promise. It became so important to them that when the tiny tree began to wither they watered it with their sweat and their blood, and when cruel storm winds swirled round it they anchored it with the sacrifice of their own bodies.

The tree grew and became stronger. More people came to behold its splendor and strength. It shimmered in the light of day, and even on the darkest nights it cast a radiance reflected not just from heavenly bodies, but from the body of an enlightened and faithful people. Growing ever taller, it sheltered the people from cataclysm and tragedy. It provided sustenance and protection, and the people loved it. When others tried to take it for the wealth it offered, once again the people watered the tree with their own blood, mixed with the blood of their enemies. It became known to all as the Freedom Tree.

The Tree bore many types of fruit, and was covered with leaves of silver and gold. Then one day the people chose a leader who told them that the Tree was in danger, and that they must harvest the fruit of the Tree to keep it safe. So the leader picked the fruit called “Opportunity” ….

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