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Cowlandia – The Cattlemen’s Nightmare.

Montana rancher Gilles Stockton January 5, 2023 Drover’s never fails to meet expectations for nonsense. In an article in the Drovers Daily, written by Nevil Speer (January 3rd 2023, we are offered a vision of a place called “Cowlandia” … Continue reading

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Failure of Genius – Sharp lessons in the cattle and beef marketplace

To learn from history you must first study it. The post COVID world has exposed glaring weaknesses in our food system which no amount of marketing or smoke and mirrors can conceal. It’s now crystal clear a more decentralized local/regional … Continue reading

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The Kroger and Albertsons merger Is Bad for Cattle Producers

Gilles Stockton The proposed merger of Krogers and Albertsons grocery chains cannot but result in fewer market choices and higher prices for consumers of beef, and therefore, decreased competitiveness in the cattle market. Krogers is the second largest supermarket chain … Continue reading

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This blog was jointly produced with Farm Forward and authored by Mike Callicrate: a Colorado rancher, rural advocate, and owner of Ranch Foods Direct. If you’ve ever perused the packaged meat aisle at your local grocery store, you’ve probably noticed … Continue reading

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Hiring Refugees is What They Do – It’s not out of kindness

“From the industry’s point of view, migrant laborers are ideal workers: cheap and disposable.” Companies Promise to Hire Refugees Sept. 22, 2022 The pledges were organized by a group founded by Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya. Pan Demetrakakes PepsiCo, Tyson Foods … Continue reading

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