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Seeking Freedom in America – Modern day slaves are denied justice

March 25, 2003 By Mike Callicrate “A 38-year-old poultry grower in my county in North Carolina committed suicide in his chicken house Sunday morning.  After the first shock and sorrow for the family, I felt anger with myself for not … Continue reading

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Salina Media Connection: Mike Callicrate on COVID-19 and the beef with Food Insecurity – YouTube

My interview with Greg Stephens, Salina Media Connection – A look back at how we ended up with four big meatpackers controlling the cattle market and today’s failed meat supply chain. The deck is stacked against small plants and independent … Continue reading

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How We Got Here … The food security crisis in America

And how do we return to a safe and resilient food system? The year was 1981. It was the year we lost the cattle market. Clark Willingham, an accountant and an attorney, not ever a cattleman but certainly a wine … Continue reading

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What about the PRIME Act? – Emergency Measures to Protect the US Meat Supply During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published on May 4, 2020 Alan Lewis I. Background Longstanding policies that favor concentrated control by global conglomerates have undermined American livestock producers and curtailed local economic opportunity. The effects of this “meat monopoly” have been exposed by coronavirus. A.  Many American … Continue reading

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Testimony of Herman Schumacher, Herried, South Dakota, appearing before the Senate Agriculture Committee, June 10, 1998

Good afternoon, Mr. Chairman, Honorable members of the Senate committee, and Mr. Secretary. Thank you for the opportunity to present testimony here today. My name is Herman Schumacher from Herried, South Dakota. I am a cattle producer, cattle feeder, and … Continue reading

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