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What’s Smart About USDA and the New Climate Grants?

Why pay the corporations that broke it, and depend on it staying broken, to fix it? It’s painful to see grant money, not just wasted, but used against small businesses in support of the criminal global food cartel. The administration’s … Continue reading

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Better Meat Requires Building Connections With New Food Partners

Comparing Local/Regional Meatpacking Infrastructure to Large Centralized Slaughter Plants Nearly 500 30-head-a-day multi-species slaughter plants, with a combined single shift capacity of 14,000, could be built for the cost of the proposed Sustainable Beef/Walmart plant in North Platte, Nebraska. Additional … Continue reading

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Meatpacking Infrastructure of the Future

Will new meatpacking investment serve people or corporations? Walmart announced this week that they were buying a minority interest in the proposed North Platte, Nebraska slaughter plant, Sustainable Beef. The $325 million dollar project with the support of Walmart, and … Continue reading

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The Masters of the Food Universe are Happy to See Us Starve.

The names may have changed over the years, but psychopathic business leaders continue to consolidate power around the world’s food supply and means of production. “These technologies have made it possible for a small number of multinational corporations to have … Continue reading

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How Farmers Are Getting Shafted By Monopolies – Robert Reich

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