“Your Right, They’re Wrong.” – Will Harris, White Oak Pastures

Will Harris, White Oak Pastures
2011 SBA Small Business Man of the Year
Photo by Casey Dixon
© Copyright 2012 Albany Herald

Will Harris, White Oak Pastures, in support of HSUS help on checkoff lawsuit:

“Hey Mike, this is Will Harris in Georgia, White Oak Pastures, and I don’t expect you to call me back. I called to tell you that I read where the cattle folks castigated ya pretty good for partnering up a little bit with the HSUS, and I wanted you to know that you were right and they’re wrong.

“I think that the HSUS agenda is a whole lot closer to White Oak Pasture’s program than NCBA’s agenda.

“HSUS actually just featured White Oak Pastures in a magazine – something they put out, and I was proud they did it and I recieved some behind my back criticism for that from some of my cattle brethren. And, I know they’ll never say it to my face, but I think you’re right and those guys are wrong. And congratulations. I’m proud to call you a friend.

“My voice is about gone. Got a little laryngitis but I’ll talk to you later.”

Back to the Land, Page 4: Will Harris Lets Nature Lead the Way
Georgia farmer’s animals are pasture-raised without chemicals or drugs
All Animals Magazine July/August 2012

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