Satellite Photos of JBS & Cargill Industrialized Feedyards (Wrong) vs Callicrate Cattle Co. (Right)

Click on the map(s) for an interactive version:

The Worst


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  1. Pat Baker says:

    I do not know how you hold your business and your land. If your business is a “creature of the State”, LLP/LLC/etc., then you fall under the State’s rules and regs. And if so then you have a Deed for the Land. There is a way to show that the EPA and ALL other Federal agencies do not have jurisdiction unless you have asked for a license/permit from the agency. There are over 141 US Supreme Court decisions that prove that the Fed Govt Agencies do not have jurisdiction anywhere in any of the States unless jurisdiction is ceded to them by the State Legislature or by contract by the land owner. Even if jurisdiction is granted any executive branch agency that “rakes” any property from anyone is a Bill of Attainder. This is forbidden by the US Constitution and EVERY State Constitution. It, also, constitutes the practice of Outlawry. Also unlawful!
    There are even more things that every land owner needs to know. Please, contact me. My wife and I have kept the feds off of our ranch here in west Texas.
    Pat Baker

    1. Pat,

      Please provide your contact info.