Commonsense Coalition Radio – August 01, 2011

Monday • Aug 01, 2011
Commonsense Coalition Talk Radio Presents
Jan Weber •

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In Farmlandia, thousands of small to medium-sized farms, once the bastion of our food system, have been replaced by technology-driven, super-sized engines of mass production that turn out genetically modified, standardized commodities—animals, fiber, and grains for feed, food and fuel—with brutal efficiency and on a scale never before seen. The old rural of our collective memory has been altered to fit a different model where barns are factories, animals are protein, corn is fuel—and farmers are fast becoming obsolete.

Enter the new rural of Farmlandia where our concept of the heartland—the breadbasket of the world; the pastoral countryside of small towns, family farms, red barns, and happy cows—is turned upside down along with the definition of what is a farm and who is a farmer.

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