Why Cattlemen are Becoming Extinct!

Why Cattlemen are Becoming Extinct!

In violation of the Packers and Stockyards Act… Meat packers continue to profiteer in their exploitation of cattlemen, and especially at this time of turmoil in our country. Law enforcement within the UDSA and the Justice Department look the other way.

September 26, 2001

Attention cattle owners: Before the terrorist attack on September 10, boxed beef price was $118.26/cwt. Yesterday boxed beef was $119.22. An increase of $.96/cwt ($.60/cwt. for live cattle). On September 10, October Live Cattle futures closed at $72.30. Yesterday’s close was $66.82. A decrease of $5.48/cwt. This loss to cattlemen equals $6.08/cwt., or approximately $70.00 per head in addition to the already depressed price. With daily slaughter at 120,000 cattle per day times $70.00/head, cattle owners losses equal $8.4 million per day. Consumers continue to pay record high beef prices.

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