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There is a Solution

by Gilles Stockton Grass Range, Montana January, 2017 By now, the disaster that is the cattle market has been factored into the coming year’s budget. For some it means the end of a dream to own a ranch, for the … Continue reading

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Come with me to the Colorado Springs Together meeting on February 7 at Stargazer’s

Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, the key theme this year is populism. The strongest sentiments involve returning control of the political process to the many, from the few. I am dedicated to building community through local … Continue reading

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Abusive Market Power Requires Strong and Effective Regulation – When we lose our markets, we lose our freedom!

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Dornblaser on the role of government, September, 1922

Is It Not Said “Ye Shall Know the Truth, the Truth Shall Set You Free” O.F. Dornblaser (Uncle Dorn) of Iowa discusses the problem of government from a co-operative standpoint. Government should be for all, not the few. The best … Continue reading

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WHAT TO MAKE OF THE UNION: Oklahoma Farmer Who Deals Some Hard Blows

Now we have an organization that will liberate forty million slaves if we will take it and use it for that purpose. Some farmers don’t like the term “slave,” and if I could find a more suitable term I would … Continue reading

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